Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Intimate Touch

Thank you for your help yesterday. I really appreciate it.
Along the journey, I have the impulsion to do something I never done to you.
I have the eager feeling to touch your hand and ask whether you are tired.
I have the feeling wanna care for you much.
But in the end I didn't do that because I am not dare to. But I don't know the reason for this impulsion.
For me, may be our relationship has became closer since we upgraded from normal sms friend to part time couple.
Although the part time couple only in sms or msn, but I would like to make it real sometimes. I would angry with myself why I have this silly thinking.
Because we both know that the part time couple is just a joke in sms.

I think I am crazy. I wish to practice the part time couple relationship in real life rather only in text-ing.
But I know it is impossible.

On the way back, you ask me whether can help you massage your back.
I was happy for your request and of course I did it for you.
It was the first time I felt the closeness between us.
Actually I was surprised for your request.
The moment you handed out and ask me to massage your hand, I can felt you are comfortable with me and willing to let me do whatever for your hand.
This was what never happen before between us.

You have smooth skin and an strong arm.
Now only I know that.
Hope you were really comfortable with my massage.
Although you praise my massage skill, but I would doubt your praise.
Because I would think what you said just to make me happy and laugh.
Anyway I enjoy the time I massage for you.
Hope you enjoy too.

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