Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Intimate Touch

Thank you for your help yesterday. I really appreciate it.
Along the journey, I have the impulsion to do something I never done to you.
I have the eager feeling to touch your hand and ask whether you are tired.
I have the feeling wanna care for you much.
But in the end I didn't do that because I am not dare to. But I don't know the reason for this impulsion.
For me, may be our relationship has became closer since we upgraded from normal sms friend to part time couple.
Although the part time couple only in sms or msn, but I would like to make it real sometimes. I would angry with myself why I have this silly thinking.
Because we both know that the part time couple is just a joke in sms.

I think I am crazy. I wish to practice the part time couple relationship in real life rather only in text-ing.
But I know it is impossible.

On the way back, you ask me whether can help you massage your back.
I was happy for your request and of course I did it for you.
It was the first time I felt the closeness between us.
Actually I was surprised for your request.
The moment you handed out and ask me to massage your hand, I can felt you are comfortable with me and willing to let me do whatever for your hand.
This was what never happen before between us.

You have smooth skin and an strong arm.
Now only I know that.
Hope you were really comfortable with my massage.
Although you praise my massage skill, but I would doubt your praise.
Because I would think what you said just to make me happy and laugh.
Anyway I enjoy the time I massage for you.
Hope you enjoy too.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

HoMe sWeeT hOMe....

I board 10a.m. bus in Changlun today.
Woke up in 8a.m to do final preparation before leaving my room, leaving UUM campus, leaving all my uni friends here.

On 2007, I leave my hometown and got into this big community, mixed with the people inside, got along and built strong relationship with them.
In just 3 years time, I gain really lots of memories.
No matter sweet or bitter.
All I will treasure in my heart forever.
I learn a lot too.
Learn how to be a royal friend.
Learn how to negotiate with friend.
Learn to be patient.

On 2010, I walk out from this community and back to my hometown.
I am wondering what kind of community I will join in the near future.
Work community?
I don't know.
I also wondering when I will be leaving "that" community.
In 2 years, or 10 years?

Is this the rule of life?
We always joining and leaving different communities, and in the end there will be a final community which we called "home".
We will have our own family and growing with our children.
We won't leave our home until our life has go to the end.


wooh.....! Finally my last paper has past. The last exam in my university life has end. My university life has come to the end.
Now is 2.30a.m, I will be leaving here in seven hours later.
At the seven hours before I leave, many feelings stir together in my heart.
Supposed I be very happy and can't wait to leave this jungle, but when the moment really came, the feeling is different from what I have expected before.
I am feeling sad and reluctant to leave my friends here.
Soo Huah just message told me that she cries after watch the video I made for her. Tuan Sing also cries when he send goodbye message to his best friends here.
I can feel the air is full of sorrow.
I hate this feeling, it's the same as I left my ns camp last time.
Why we always need to depart with those we already get closed?
I don't understand.
May be I won't be understand forever.
Because I don't want to know the answer...

Here I come to the corner of my life, the corner to another stage of my life.
I am no longer a student.
I am no longer depend on my parents.
When I start working, they are the one who depend on me.
I wish to get a great job so that I could have a great life!
After my financial is stable, I wish I can go travel around the world.
I wish I can fulfill my dreams.
Whatever dreams I have.
Wish me good luck!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A moody day

Today’s exam was Basic Accounting. It was on 9a.m.
I woke up on 6a.m to review the entire chapters. But I was very sleepy because I slept at one something last night.
I push myself hardly to concentrate on the slides and memorize all the formulas.
Unfortunately I couldn’t finish up all the chapter in just an hour.
Since my carry marks for this subject is quite high, I was not worrying about it until I got the exam paper.
All the question was very hard for me, I started to feel scared.
Things happened to be worst when I felt sick during the examination. The main reason was I suffering from lack of sleep. I could felt fire burning in my body but in the same time the environment of the examination hall was chilled. This makes me couldn’t concentrate on the exam.
I couldn’t remember the formula at all. Consequently, there were 20++ question which I put it blank. I feel really scared. The 1st time I left out so many questions among all the exam I have sat before.
I was aiming to score A for this subject. But my dream was spoiled.
This made me feel moody all the day.

I took a nap and it lasted for two hours. Then I watched a funny movie because I have no mood to study. The movie was really funny. Laughing could really lifted me up and put aside the sad feelings.

Wish me good luck for the rest of the exam paper.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Je t'adore

I wish each day will be night time, I pray if it could be no day time.
This is because you only free to entertain me on night time. You will only contact me on night time.
The day time seems to be one year for me. Or it could be more than a year sometimes.
You don't know how disappointed I am when I did not hear from you at night.
My eyes keep on starring on the phone's screen as I am afraid that I have miss out the rings when your message comes.

I understand you are busy with work everyday. So I won't angry with you.
I just blame myself for continuing miss you all the time. My mind is full of imagination of you.
I imagine our outing, our future, and some ridiculous dream, there may no possibility to happen but I am hoping it will comes true one day.

I am wondering whether you miss me too. I am wondering whether I come to your mind even just a second in a whole day long.
It just need to be a second, because a second would bright me up for a day!

I wishing you to pass each day with happiness, with joy and bright smile.
Everyday will be a good day for you!

A new ME..!

It has been two years after my last blog, anything has changed to Fow Shiew Mun?

I don't know...

May be my hairstyle has changed, my clothing has different from last time (at least a little bit matured now), or may be I have grown up a little bit, I mean in the way of mentally.
But nothing has changed to my life!


I am till being a student of UUM...
Bored student life!!


This gonna to end soon! In just a week time...!
I will be graduate after nine days! YEAHHH!!!!
My long waiting day has finally come...
I hope a CHANGED in my life!

I wish to enter working life as I have been a student for 17 years since I was in kindergarten.
Although many say that working life is not good, many politic issue in office, or may get frame and island by colleague... but I am still having eager feeling to try it! ^.^

I wish I can get a good job with high pay and good remuneration package so that I could provide a better life for my family, for my parents.
I believe they have long wait for the day to come too.
They have been waiting for me to graduate, so that I have my own career and learn to be independent.
Don't worry, mom and dad, I won't be your burden soon but in the other way round!
I promised will take good care of you!
I wish I could bring you to travel in other countries which you have been dreaming for, such as Japan, Korea, Rome, and other western countries.

As student life going to end soon, many things pop up in my mind especially all the memories in UUM here.
There were sweet and happy memories, and sure some of them were bitter.
I am glad to know Ying Nee and Soo Huah who have been my buddies here for three years.
They brought me a lot of fun, crazy and unforgettable memories.
We have been the same lecture for three years, most of the time we were sticking together.
We have left our foot prints in every corner of UUM.
Each time you see one of us, there will sure be others two around. ^.^
Thank you for being my friends and be part of good memories in my life.
I will treasure our friendship in my heart.

I have moved to DPP Muamalat in semester four where I met my three cute roommates.
I am luckily to have them as my roommates especially Ah Liao.
She is also my good buddy here. She is a nice roommate and nice soul mate.
She would always by my side whenever I have problem and she always console me whenever I am down.
Although we are going to separate soon, but I am sure we will meeting and contacting each other in the future.
This is because I appreciate our friendship.
You will be a life time friend. I promised.

Wei Ling, my another pretty roommate, who is good to be friend with too.
She is a good buddy but always put things inside herself. She rarely tells us her problem.
Ling, you need to speak out your problem or find someone to release the moody when you have problem. Don't put all inside the heart or else it's gonna be full and break down soon.
I hope you will be happy always.
Keep in touch so that I could update about you next time. ^.^

Xiu Xiu, i hope you will find a good job and do whatever you wish to accomplish.
Sure you will happy always too! ^.^
Don't forget about me if you meet me next time. hehe...

It is 2.30 a.m. and I have a date with Mr. Chow.
Good night. Wish myself for a good day tomorrow! ^.^

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My First Time…

20th October 2008, 2.59pm

Tired…but FUUUUUUN!!!! Feels like being a model today! Two professional photographer (actually they do not work as photographer but just having fever on photography and finding models to release their addiction!) help me to take photos in Kellie Castle! I was too nervous until I couldn’t sleep well yesterday because this is my first time! Beside nervous, I feel scared too…since I never meet with them before! I got to know them through online. At first, I read through a bulletin posted by a photographer saying that he is looking for model for taking photograph! Besides personal photos, he also takes photo for friends, couple or any event such as wedding dinner, exhibition and functions. He also shows photos he has been taken before. Those photos were nice! I was having conflict whether want to ask them to take photos for me. The reason I do not want was I scared that they are bad people who graph my head to a naked body and post it online. While the reason I wish to be their model was I really impressed with their photography technique and the way they do editing to the photos! If you are not believe with me you can go to these link and

At the end of the conflict, I finally chose to have a try on it! This is because I impressed on them more than I scared them. I hope I can be the character of their beautiful photos! Their super work made me feel less suspicious on them! So I agree to be their model and chose to have photography session today at Kellie Castle! My first impression on them was friendly and nice! There are 3 persons, Chee Wai, his sister, Pui Kwan and his brother in law, Yee Loon where Yee Loon is Pui Kwan husband! At first I feel abashment and did not posed naturally. But after warming up I can interact well with them! The photography session lasts for two hours. Now I am waiting eagerly to see the result!!

I think today would be a highlight of my semester break holiday! ^.^